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- Movie, Books Push Indonesia to Confront Its Bloody Past
- 15 Years After the Fall of Suharto, a Mixed Picture of Indonesia's Minorities
- Across Asia, Dengue Fever Cases Reach Record Highs


The New York Times

- Public Schools in Indonesia Feel Islamic Pressure
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- Code of Ethics for Overseas Education Agents




- Chinese imperial painting exhibition
- China archeological treasures exhibition
- Art museums in southern China
- Chinese photography artist Weng Fen
- Chinese photography artist Yang Yong
- Russian artists AES+F
- Neon Tigers by Peter Bialobrezski
- Phantom Shanghai by Greg Girard
- German photographer Julian Faulhaber
- Chinese ink artist Irene Chou
- Beijing hutong: an exhibition
- Blackbird by Theater du Pif



- Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier
- Canadian director Atom Egoyan
- Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke
- Taiwanese filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang
- Chinese director Gan Xiao'er
- Malaysian filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad
- Indonesian director Joko Anwar
- Nazi-themed films of Germany
- Indonesian female directors take on Chinese themes
- Cave of the Yellow Dog: a Mongolian film
- Crossing the Bridge: a film by Fatih Akin
- Garin Nugroho
- Fatahillah the movie
- Invisible women


- Indonesian writer Nukila Amal
- Indonesian writer Laksmi Pamuntjak
- Indonesian writer Ayu Utami
- Indonesian literature master Pramoedya Ananta Toer
- Review of Suharto’s biography
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- Ian Buruma
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- Western Buddhism
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- Confucianism
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- The Dalai Lama in Germany


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- Berlin
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Design & Architecture

- Hotel Fox
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Environment & Health

- Bicycle taxis
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- Orangutan and forest fires


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